About Mahalo-land. Inc.

We will provide “what you want” in your town.

Mahalo-land. Inc. is the company which is rooted in the region and provides the opportunity for people in the region to realize a “rich lifestyle”.

We live on the earth, not in the sky or in the water.

Where do you live now?
Do you like the town you live now?
What do you wish you had in your town?

The mission of Mahalo-land. Inc. is to “contribute to the local community and the earth by closely related to the local community and providing the opportunity to enrich people’s life in the region”. As a part of that mission, we provide services that makes local people smile, mainly in the next-generation coin laundry business, health/fitness/sports business, real estate leasing business, and product sales business.

Without forgetting to thank the community that we can provide these services, the people who create the services with us, and the earth, we named our company “Mahalo-land” combining the word “MAHALO” which means “Thank you” in Hawaiian language and “LAND” which means the earth.

We will continuously strive to contribute the local community to bring a lot of joys and smiles as much as possible and make people say “I love the town I live” as many people as possible.

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